Month: January 2018

  1. Building My First Metal Golf Club In 1973

    I was taking inventory at our off-course merchandise back-stock facility this afternoon (more commonly known as ‘The Ugly’ of our storage units, the other two we call ‘The Good’ and ‘The Bad’) and came across a box I didn’t recognize. Upon inspection, I found it contained several old persimmon drivers, the heads carefully wrapped to protect the wood finish from getting banged around during my move from Bremerton to Michigan in 2000.

    I’m easily distracted, especially when I’m doing something I absolutely hate (I’d rather go to the dentist than take inventory. Unfortunately they were closed today), so I started digging through the box, admiring the craftsmanship and pure beauty of an era gone by in golf. Then one of the clubs I unwrapped put a big smile on my face, and I said to myself, ‘holy smokes, I can’t believe I still have this!’ It was a golf club I had made in my 8th grade shop class. (more…)