Month: September 2017

  1. It Wouldn’t Take Much To Make My Day

    It would make my day if the person responsible for running a cart across my 6th green this afternoon and breaking my flag stick, would fess up, offer to pay for a new flag stick and the damage to my cart, and then apologize.

    In my 20’s and 30’s, I worked at Gold Mountain Golf Course, which is a municipal golf course owned by the city of Bremerton. My first eight years or so there, we had 18-holes and were doing between 70,000 and 75,000 rounds per year, busy enough to warrant building a second course. On a typical Saturday or Sunday, we’d average 325-350 rounds. It was a busy place. (more…)

  2. Sod Work Done, New Tees Will Open In The Spring

    Late last week we finished sodding the new women’s and senior tees on #2, #5, #7 and #9, as well as expanding the regular tees on #7 and #8. The 5/8″ of rain we got last night came at a perfect time!

    If we have normal weather during September and October, and minimal ice damage over the winter, we should have all of these tees open in the spring.

    The reason for these new tees is that we had a few holes where the senior tees and women’s tees were right next to each other. This created some maintenance challenges because of everyone teeing off from the same place. By separating these tees, we’ll be able to keep the turf in better condition, and we’ll have better definition between the senior and women’s tee areas.

    Chad, Jim, Darin, Kevin and Garry worked their tails off to get this project done on time. If you see them while you’re out playing, take a second to give them a thumbs up. They do a wonderful job keeping the golf course looking great.

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