Month: April 2015

  1. The Course Is Opening on Wednesday, April 29th

    Great news everyone! We *WILL* be opening the course tomorrow at 7 AM for golfing! Our spring special will be $12 for unlimited golf for the day, walking only. It is still a touch too early to get carts out, but they’ll be there soon! Until then the range is open tonight until 6. We’ll see ya then!

  2. Win a Full Set of Callaway Clubs & a Free Membership at Hidden Meadows

    How does winning a free dozen Callaway golf balls sound? Not enough incentive? Okay, we’ll add a Callaway driver. Still not enough? Okay…..well, I guess we’ll just have to include the fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, putter and golf bag. Of course, then you’d still need someplace to use them. So we’ll include a membership with a cart, range balls and lesson package. Do we have your attention now? Tune in to Zone Radio, 620 AM at 7:30 this morning and find out from Rob and Joe how to win the biggest prize package EVER given away from Zone Radio.

  3. Callaway Golf Ball Shipment For Stephen King

    We received a shipment of 15 dozen Callaway golf balls with this imprint on it:

    What the hell is this all about?

    What the hell is this all about?

    So is Stephen King learning to play golf? Or maybe there’s a new book coming out about some horrible happening in the scary swamp behind the 8th hole? What is this all about? You’re just going to have to tune in to WZON 620 on Monday morning around 7:30 a.m. to find out. I can absolutely guarantee you won’t be sorry you did!

    Yeah, maybe I’m up to something.

  4. Golf Course Season Opening Update

    Good news everyone! The frost has come out of the ground, and overall the greens are in good shape. If last year was graded an ‘F’ for conditions coming out of the winter, this year is a strong ‘B+’.

    The bad news, there are a few greens that are too soft to put foot traffic on right now, so we will not be opening this weeked Saturday as we had hoped. We don’t want to risk damage to the greens that would take months to repair. So, we’re hoping for an open date of next week Wednesday (the 29th). Until then, the driving range is open every day from 10 AM to 6 PM. See ya then!

  5. Free Green Fees For Hidden Meadows Members

    The benefits of being a member at Hidden Meadows Golf Course just got better. A LOT better. In addition to being able to play unlimited golf at Hidden Meadows, you now have the added benefit of free green fees at several golf courses throughout the states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Washington (state) and Canada.

    Hidden Meadows Golf Course is one of the founding member courses (more…)

  6. Local Student Golfers Recognized For Scholastics

    Congratulations to a couple of local high school golfers. Sam Segee, who received the “Mr. Coyote” award on the Old Town HS Golf Team this past fall, was recognized as part of the successful OTHS robotics team. And Ryan Wells, who was a 4-year varsity golfer for Orono High School, was recognized as the March Student of the Month for Grade 12. Congrats to both of you guys for a job well done. Way to go!

  7. Goodbye Jim. We Are Going To Miss You

    It is never easy saying goodbye to someone, and if you played on a weekend, you probably ran into James. It is a somber day today at Hidden Meadows. We’ll be thinking of you James. Godspeed, my friend.

    Jimmy Burr, with James Williams, George Thibodeau, Devan Morin and David Saucier. We're gonna miss you Pally!

    Jimmy Burr, with James Williams, George Thibodeau, Devan Morin and David Saucier. We’re gonna miss you Pally!