Month: March 2015

  1. My Search For “The Secret”

    Golf is a game that attracts people from all walks of life. It seems no matter who you are or what you do, golf can have a way of captivating you – if you let it.

    And once bitten by the golf bug, normally rational people seem to go to no end to get their golf fix, and along the way, to try and find the “Secret” to improving their game. (more…)

  2. Hidden Meadows Employees Make Honor Roll

    Congratulations to the following Hidden Meadows employees for making the second quarter honor roll at Old Town High School: Cole Daniel, Alex Blackie and Ryan Hoogterp.

    Also, congratulations to members of the Old Town High School golf team that made the second quarter honor roll: Andrew Moreira, Sam Segee, Samantha Dauphinee, Mikey Downs, Jake Dubay, Dillon Leland and Austin Soucy.

    Way to go everybody!

  3. The Driving Range is Open!

    The driving range is open! Alan Comeau and Kevin McPhee hit the first shots (of many) of 2015. Here’s to a great season everyone! 2015RangeOpening.4

  4. We’re Back From The Portland Golf Expo

    Thank you to everyone who came to see us at the Portland Golf Expo over this past weekend. We know it was crazy busy in the pro shop area, so if there was something you saw that you were not able to pick up, please give us a call here at the golf course. We are happy to ship it to you. 207.827.4779.

    Think Spring!