How To Prepare Yourself For That First Round Of The Year

With the end of winter FINALLY within sight, it’s time to dust off your clubs and start thinking about the upcoming golf season. But before you head out to the first tee, there are some things you can do to help yourself be successful and have more fun.

First, spend a little bit of time on the practice range. Start out by hitting a few easy wedge shots with a partial swing, then work your way up to making a full swing with your short- and mid-irons. Don’t make the mistake of pulling the driver out and expecting to stripe it straight down the middle with your first swing. You should hit 50-60 balls with your irons before you even consider hitting the big stick.

Second, don’t be concerned if you aren’t hitting the ball quite as far as you were last fall when you put your clubs away for the winter. I am always a club shorter with all of my shots every spring. The air is cooler, the courses are typically softer, and your golf muscles haven’t been used for several months. If you were a runner and didn’t train for six months, you wouldn’t run your fastest time during your first training session. It’s no different with golf. It typically takes 3-4 weeks to get back to where you left off the previous season.

Third, spend a little time around the practice green. Hit some short and long putts to get a little feel going. Then move off the green and hit some short chips and pitches. The mechanics of your putting, chipping and pitching are pretty easy. But it’s going to take some repetition to regain your touch.

By preparing and practicing before heading out on the course, you are giving yourself a better chance of playing better, rather than making your first swing of the year on the first tee.